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TrainStation is a fun and addictive Facebook social game where you can build trains, send them to various destinations and build your own train station. Basically, there are two train types: passenger/mail trains and cargo trains.

Passenger trains transport passengers and mail gathered at your station to destinations of your choice, after the train reaches it’s destination it returns to your station and you earn profit from fares and mail delivery. Passengers arrive and gather at your station constantly depending on the number and type of buildings built at your station, hence more buildings, more passengers.

I can see a lot of potential for the game and this game is pretty addictive because I like the locomorives a lot. I always wanted to go on a long train ride on one of this type of trains. But the problem is that it took a lot of time to fully load the game.

Mail has to be collected either from the platform or by catching flying envelopes. If your station runs out of passengers and mail, you can not dispatch an empty train.

Cargo trains operate in a slightly different way. You dispatch your cargo trains to loading docks, load them up and deliver the materials to your station. Materials unloaded and stored at your station may be used to construct buildings, carry out station upgrades or it can be simply sold if you run out of gold.

You can assemble trains of your choice, either single wagon-type trains (passenger trains, mail trains, lumber trains, etc.) or mixed trains (passenger/mail trains or lumber/nail trains, etc.). The fundamental rule is that you are not able to mix passenger/mail carriages with cargo wagons in one train setup.

Every train has to pay tax upon leaving the station. This tax depends entirely on the type of locomotive you use in the particular train setup. The government always gets their piece of the action.

From time to time, Express trains arrive at your as well as at your neighbour’s station. You can’t tell when the Express trains will arrive, so watch for them carefully. Taking care of Express trains, either yours or neighbour’s, gives you extra resources and extra experience points.

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