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I would like to make another bot written in autoicie by epvp Spion9613, which works on CNF. Bocik is quite convenient, but unfortunately it is not hidden. GUI is practical and has an interesting principle of operation, namely, instead of pressing the space bar bot clicks on various mobs and your character walks up to them and beat them. The bot to work properly Metin run at 800×600 32bit in the window, show all the names of monsters, rejected, or make up a webcam view of the 2D games (top view) with zoomhack and nofog and set the auto attack. Bot works only after my lock HSA (you can find it in a package with the bot). Bot run by pressing the key button, start by logging on to the figure and the prior setting of the game. instead of using some of the features we can use the bot functions such as kamermoda autopot, pickup

– Podnoszenie yang 
– Auto uzywanie skilli 
– Auto logowanie 
– Auto wstawanie 
– Auto bicie mobków


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