Big Business

Construct different types of buildings: residential, service and entertaining. Enter into contracts for production and sell finished goods at the Hypermarket or send them out for processing to earn more money and gain experience.

The Facebook simulation game Big Business takes on online business management where you can build your shops,  produce supplies that help your further development.  Like Chinese Devegame’s Business Tycoon Online, Big Business is also inspired by BTO, because both of Dovogame and Big Business’s publisher 6Wave are closely rooted in China. This is not the first product  that 6 Wave has published for Facebook, but It has already partnered with IGG to pulish its browser game Lords Online .

This game allows you to earn Experience by arranging transportation, extinguishing fires, treating residents and helping friends.

Electricity is necessary to ensure functioning of the buildings, services and industrial facilities, as all of these objects consume a certain amount of electricity.

you should increase the residents happiness factor by building more entertainments to increase the maximum number of residents?

Hypermarket is a building where your produce storage and the unique ingredients shop are located. At the storage you can keep and sell the manufactured goods. To extend the storage, you should upgrade the Hypermarket. At the ingredients shop you can buy the unique ingredients, that you are not able to produce by yourself.

The main source of income in the game is selling the produced goods. Build industrial facilities, enter into contracts and sell produce.

You can take the trash away by clicking the buildings and thus earning money and gaining experience. But if you want to earn much more money, feel free to build a Trash recycling plant and buy a Trash tanker! With the help of these items you can recycle the gathered trash and get new products. If there’s a Trash recycling plant in your city, you can take away the trash in your friends’ cities. When you see a trash icon above the buildings in your friend’s city, feel free to click it – and a helicopter will arrive to take it away. The helicopter will transport the trash to the Trash recycling plant in your city.

You can learn more about 6 Wave’s Facebook game, and some of them are not developed independently by 6 Wave, but these game are better so far:

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